30 Days of Happy

30 days ago, I shared that I was going to start the #100happydays project. Well actually it has been 31 days, I counted number 7 twice.

Shortly after joining the project, I read an article in the local news bashing the challenge. You can read it here, but essentially it says how unrealistic it is to be happy for 100 days in a row and that we are setting ourselves up for unhappiness trying to achieve this goal for such a long period of time.

A friend asked me why I was participating because, in her words, "You are happy!" And my response was that I like the idea of being mindful of what makes me happy and documenting it.

I don't believe we go through life in a cloud of happiness everyday. We feel the range of emotions, some fleeting some longer, on a continual basis. But why not make an effort to seek out and recognize the moments that bring you happiness?

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Sunday Links No. 14 - Coil Baskets, a Drawing Challenge & Map Art

I am creating a new rule for myself. No more working past 4 PM. When you don't have an office and you work from home most of the time it is too easy to keep working and forsake all of the things you want to be doing. Sure there will be exceptions to this rule, but I need a hard stop to put the laptop away and live my life.

Even though no posting happened here this week I still found lots of links to share.

I'm going to do this drawing challenge.

Poppytalk has opened a storefront. It's in Vancouver and I think I need to visit.

Another craft to add to my long list of crafts to try: coil baskets.

This stool is a must, not just a want. When I am on job sites I can sometimes be found sitting on the floor if there are no chairs. I should start carrying my own!

Make paper into fabric that can be sewn.

Map artwork, yes!

It's time for a new iPhone case.

30 things to start doing for yourself.

Will this article stop you from doing those online quizzes?

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My Weekend in Pictures

Two days of pure sunshine made for a fantastic weekend here in BC. Spring means rain here (well, so does fall and winter) but to have 2 days of sun fall on a weekend is a rare treat.

Here is how we spent our weekend.

 He didn't want to participate in the beach fun at first. But we convinced him it was still okay to have fun with the family even though he is 12.
 A strawberry break.

 If you sneak up on your big brother, you need to run away, fast.
How was your weekend?

Sunday Links No. 13 - Funny Owl Video & A Perfect Outfit

Saturday was a great start to this weekend. Sunshine, silliness and smiles. This is my good friend Gabi. You can read this beautiful post that sums up our friendship.

This is the perfect outfit for me. I can wear it to job sites and it is ME.

If you want to burst out laughing while learning at the same time, please, please go watch all of these videos. Not all are kid appropriate though (especially the duck one).

This is my favourite so far:

If you want to write about a good life, you must live a good life. Great article.

Improving your photography with Lego figurines. Brilliant.

If you want to keep clicking links, I have more for you here.

Audio Books - My New Obsession

1. I drive a lot for my job.
2. I am a former audio book snob.
3. As a recovering audio book snob, sometimes I am sad when I get to a job site because I have to pause my book.

Because of number 1 on my list above I now adore audio books. I'm sorry to say I judged people who listened to audio books but now I can say it was only because I didn't understand. I didn't understand how I can take a routine activity and spice it up listening to rich stories; fiction and non-fiction.

I now listen to books when I'm cleaning my house and on my runs too. I am one of those people who will forsake all responsibilities because I need to finish a book but sometimes guilt creeps in as I lounge away a day. Enter the audio book, I am productive and getting my literature fix all at once.

I still love curling up in bed with a good book or bringing a novel into a bubble bath but these audio books have opened up a whole new world. And the best part, I get them all for free from my library, I download them onto my phone and play them on the stereo in my van. I am on multiple waiting lists for recently released books (which I don't fully understand, must be a licensing thing).

Here are some of the books I have listened to in the past 3 months (remember, I drive A LOT).
I am on the wait list for The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt right now. And yes, I enjoy books written for children.

Have you listened to or read any good books lately?